Lose Weight or Die

Overweight? Here’s the advice I gave Ruby Gettinger

Some of you may remember on the first episode of Style Network’s “Ruby,” when I had to tell 540-pound Ruby Gettinger that she was going to die if she did not lose weight.

Style Network's Ruby GettingerRuby later explained to me that those simple words were what finally motivated her to lose weight. She knew that her weight was killing her, but like many of us, she always found ways to rationalize the worry away.

The sad truth is that if you are overweight, you can expect medical problems to develop as a direct consequence.

Ask yourself this one simple question?

I always ask my patients if they’ve ever visited relatives at the nursing home. I ask them if they remember seeing many overweight residents in the home. They always unanimously shake their head a resounding NO.

At this point, I have to break the bad news: our overweight loved ones don’t live long enough to make it to the nursing home.

So, while it’s wonderful that losing weight makes us look and feel better – at Ourlife we are all about quality of life – but the one reason you have to always remember is the one that Ruby made famous. “I’m losing weight because I don’t want to die!”

Watch Ruby on StyleRuby Gettinger’s weight loss journey is chronicled weekly on the Style Network. Visit mystyle.com to learn more.

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